Topics Covered – Meet our Coaches!

Jessica Dawley, Natasha Mercier, Marsha Wolak and Poker Mindset Coach Donna Blevins

Marsha Wolak-No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy includes 13 training videos, handouts, quizzes & homework

  • Optimal No Limit Holdem Playing Style
  • Conquering Bustphobia
  • Tournament Structure
  • Pot Odds
  • Principles of No Limit Play
  • Rebuys
  • Bankroll Management
  • Satellites
  • Playing Styles & Strategy
  • Hand Range Analysis
  • Progressive Bet Sizing
  • Effective Stack
  • Pot Control
  • Pre-Flop Moves
  • Bluffing
  • Post Flop Play
  • Push or Fold Strategy
  • Beyond the Felt-Factors that affect play off the table
  • Big Blind vs M
  • Chip Chop VS ICM
  • & More!

Natasha Mercier- No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy 6 Training videos including hand analysis.

  • Navigating through different tournament stages
  • Deep stack Vs Shallow stack strategy
  • Absolute equity in the hand
  • Balanced betting range
  • Capped Ranges
  • Position in early vs late tournament stages
  • Hand Analysis
  • Preflop strategy when deep stacked
  • 3 betting in and out of position
  • Best hands to play deep stacked
  • Changing gears in a tournament
  • Stealing the blinds
  • Value Betting
  • Flipping
  • Preflop aggression
  • Floating
  • Leveraging
  • Polarized Range
  • Condensed Range
  • Merging
  • & More!

Jessica Dawley-Cash Game Specialist 8 Training videos including hand analysis – homework – quiz

  • Cash Game Strategy
  • Low vs high limits
  • Dead Money Collector DMC
  • Playing Short Handed
  • 3 Bet
  • Cold 4 Bet
  • Lessons Learned or Not!
  • Helpful Hints
  • Raise or Fold
  • Selling Action
  • Timing and Tells
  • Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses as well as your opponents
  • Extracting Max Value
  • Thin Value Betting
  • & More!

Donna Blevins-Poker Mindset Coach 3 Training videos – handouts – homework

  • Discover the optimal mindset to play winning poker
  • Learn how to shift your mindset on a dime by using different Mindshift Exercises™
  • Master your self-talk and stop sabotaging yourself
  • Unmask your mind-body connection and learn how your body affects your mind and vice versa
  • Set yourself up to win by creating your intention
  • To ramp up your game, ask yourself the right questions after you play
  • Learn a variety of Mindshift on Demand Exercises
  • Grasp the importance of the after action formula
  • & More!

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